In this project you will be bringing together all of the information that you have studied in the Technology Management program, including courses from the College of Business and general education coursework.  This is an upper level course and the final course in the Technology Management program, and in this project you will demonstrate your ability to integrate information ascertained from previous classes within a capstone project. The result of the project will be a strategic plan that should be of the quality that you could present to an employer.  I strongly encourage you to come into my office to view projects completed by other graduates of the Technology Management program and to ask any questions that you may have about this project.   
            Each of you should be thinking about an organization that you want to study for your capstone project.  This can be an existing business, company, or unit within a business or company; or it can be a company that you would like to start, or already own.  I would prefer that you choose an area of interest to you.  Relevancy to your interests is critical to your success in this project. You will need to get my approval for the organization.   If you need some suggestions or would like to have me help you choose an organization, please let me know.   
            There are two components to this capstone project, with different due dates. The project will comprise 60% of your final grade in the course, thus it is very important that you devote an adequate amount of time and thought to this project.  The first part of the project will be focused on the industry in which the company resides and the second part will focus on the organization and the strategic plan that you will be developing.
            For each part you will have one week to make revisions and to resubmit the paper after you receive comments and a grade.  You will need to check the gradebook to see when your grade is posted-it will generally take me at least a week and up to two weeks to complete grading all of the projects-I will notify the class when all grades have been posted. You will have the possibility of raising your grade on the part by half of the lost points.  So for example, if you received 110 out of 150 on the first submission and choose to revise the document and resubmit it, you could receive an additional 20 points on the assignment for a final score of 130. Resubmission of the section is optional.  If a section is turned in late, a late penalty will apply and the option of resubmission will not be available. 
General Guidelines (these guidelines should be used for both parts of the project)
·        USE the HEADINGS that are noted in bold in the grading rubric to organize your paper.  This is very IMPORTANT, and will help ensure your success with this project. 
        Please take a look at the Capstone Example.doc, as this will give you an idea of the level of detail and scholarship that this assignment will require.
·        Use the APA Style Manual 5th edition.  It is very important that you use the APA guidelines properly for referencing material both within the text and in the bibliography.  You may find the following website helpful, (Links to an external site.)=   If you have questions please contact me.
·        Include a cover page, with your name.
·        Make sure that there are page numbers.
·        Include a table of contents.
·        Include a bibliography.
·        Points will be taken off for spelling and grammar errors. 
            The readings in the textbooks used in the Technology Management program should be referenced in this project. You should also access the online databases at EMU for information.  Another good source of information is the Wall Street Journal.  If you obtain a subscription you will be able to search their database for relevant information.  Crain’s Detroit Business is also a good source for local information and it can be found at (Links to an external site.) .  In addition there are many industrial/business trade journals with information that you will find helpful.  It is absolutely critical that you learn to scan the relevant environment in which your business resides.  Information on almost any industry is posted somewhere daily.  With practice this will become second nature and it will enable you to be a better manager. 
Part I. Industry Analysis and Assessment 
In this section you should be looking at the big picture, the industry as a whole.  When conducting an industry assessment and analysis you need to take into account many factors, some of which are more salient than others, and all are dependent upon the business or industry.  I will use the grading rubric below to assess your grade on this part of the project. To receive full credit you should address all of the points noted in the grading rubric. 
 Grading Rubric: Part 1-Industry Analysis and Assessment
Possible Points
Points Given
Introduction-Name and brief description of organization and unit within organization that you will be analyzing.
Competitor Analysis-Include the names and a brief description of your organization’s primary competitors within this industry. What are the key similarities between your organization and your competitors (aside from the fact that you sell the same goods and/or deliver similar services). What are the key differences?
Economic Factors of the Industry-What is the size of the industry? How many firms are in this industry? How many people are employed in this industry? What is the annual revenue generated by the industry? How do the following economic factors affect this industry: interest rates, government funding, workforce preparation, risk of entry, funding sources, etc.?
Societal Impacts of the Industry-How does the industry impact society?  What are the benefits to society of this industry?  What are the possible repercussions of this business to society?
Political Environment of the Industry-What type of regulations/laws affect this industry and the employees in this industry?
Technologies Used in the Industry-What type of technologies are used in this industry? Give a brief description of 4-8 critical technologies. (Consider information management technologies, production and operation technologies, marketing technologies, financial management technologies, distribution technologies, risk analysis tools and technologies, etc.). Also discuss key technological changes that are taking place in the industry, and how these changes are and will be impacting the industry as a whole.
Ecological and Environmental Issues of the Industry-What are the ecological and environmental impacts of this industry? Is this a sustainable industry?
References- Was there adequate research done (minimum of five sources, most likely more will be necessary for adequate analysis)?
Spelling, grammar, and APA errors (-2 points for each error)