Unit 4: Discussion
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This is a graded discussion: 25 points possible
due Feb 9
Unit 4: Discussion
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Welcome to the unit discussion area for EN106. This area will fill up quickly with lively interchanges among you, your colleagues and your instructor. Check back often!
Important!  Most units, you are required to post your own responses before you can see your classmates’ responses. The reason for this is that your instructor and classmates are interested in your thoughts on the subject! Remember, most of the topics in discussion have to do with your analysis and interpretation, not an objective right/wrong answer. Your unit discussion responses are graded not only for accuracy but also for creativity and insight. See the Grading and Assessment page for more details.
Due Date: Your discussion post is due no later than Thursday 12:00 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST). This unit, you are not required to post follow-up posts. However, you should check back to note any feedback from classmates or instructor.
Assessment: See the Grading and Assessment content item under Course Information.
For all references, use MLA formatting style.
Discussion Topic
As you learned from this unit’s readings, research is about asking and answering questions. In this discussion, you will work with classmates to brainstorm research questions, and identify how and where you can answer those questions.
For your initial post, do the following:

List 1-3 specific research questions you want the answers to. These questions should arise from your work on Essay #2–the questions should be related to your argument. Your questions should be a mix of “fact,” “value,” and “policy” questions. For instance, you might ask questions like:

Ex: How many people attended an undergraduate institution in the United States in 2017? (“Fact” question.)
Ex: What do college students believe about the purpose of college? (“Value” question.)
Ex: What proposals have been made about ensuring that college graduates are career ready? (“Policy” question.)

For each question, explain why you want to answer each research question. What will knowing the answer add to your essay?

If you post follow-up responses to classmates, you could do the following:

Suggest 1-3 places your classmate could look to find the answer to each question. Suggest a specific source, web site, database, or keyword search.
Pose an additional question that might help your classmate expand their essay for this unit’s essay assignment.

Your instructor will also offer suggestions and feedback on research questions, but your goal in this discussion should be to work together to identify research methods.