Many growth factors act only on nervous tissues (neurotrophic factors) and are implicated in neural development. Design an experiment (based on your readings of the scientific literature) that will allow you to show how a particular growth factor, such as FGF8, is involved only in the development of the nervous system and not any of the other organ systems.

Your lab report must accurately document the sources from which your material was gathered. Any time you describe an individual’s data or other experimental results, paraphrase an author(s), or describe data from the textbook, you must credit that individual. Direct quotes should not be used, instead paraphrase the statement and include the appropriate citation(s). It is incorrect to include just a single citation at the end of a paragraph for the following reasons: 1) a citation only refers to the sentence that directly preceded it; and 2) the other data or ideas stated in the paragraph are now not cited. Be careful and familiarize yourself with Montclair State’s policy on plagiarism (see course syllabus). When in doubt, always cite your sources. The proper citation of your sources is of paramount importance, and lab reports submitted without proper documentation will have a significant amount of points deducted. Citation/Works Cited Format for Lab Reports