Assignment #1 requires you to write a one-page (one side) single-spaced report about your experience listening to someone.
You should use the formula discussed in class that will help you listen and gather information: 
Listen = question + repeat + refine + question again 
The framework to write this assignment should begin with an explanation of who, what, where, when, why and how you selected the individual for this personal interview. 
The participant you select can be a friend or classmate.
You don’t HAVE to tell the person being interviewed that you are engaging in this activity, but it is fine if you DO tell them exactly what you are doing because there is no intention to deceive anybody participating in this assignment.  The important thing here to do is to employ the listening formula, record and report the results.
Include important details from the personal interview that could be useful knowledge to others. 
Do not submit a transcript of your conversation, but rather a summary. 
The most important thing to include in a summary paragraph should be what YOU learned about public relations from this personal interview research assignment. 
Did YOUR active listening skills improve? 
Could you use this skill again in future work?