This assignment is to read the Constitution of the Untied States (which you will
find in the appendix of your book and many places on-line) and create a two to
three page outline of its contents. The Constitution is divided into seven
Articles, with several of the Articles subdivided into Sections. Your outline
should be constructed with each Article as a separate heading and each Section
as a subordinate point under the Article. Each Article and Section should be
summarized as a short sentence or concise phrase on the outline. You do not need to include the Bill of Rights or any of the amendments. 
When finished,  It should look something like this:
   1) Section 1
   2) Section 2

   1) Section 1
For each Article and Section you will provide a short sentence or concise phrase
to demonstrate that you understand the meaning of that part of the Constitution.
Do not merely repeat what is in the Constitution. For example, if you read a
series of powers listed in a specific Section, do not list those powers, but tell me
what these powers have in common. Do they belong to the same branch of