In August, 2016, one small West Virginia city dealt with 27 heroin overdoses in just a four-hour span. Earlier in 2016, the Buffalo, New York area saw 23 fatal overdoses in eleven days. Although these particular examples took place in 2016, similar occurrences can unfortunately be found in other times and locations.
Review the following reports:
Report 1
Report 2
Prepare a report in Microsoft Word that covers the following points:

Conduct an analysis of the opiate addiction problem. Be sure to include a look at how users become introduced to opiates and opioids in the first place.
Describe the factors that contribute to these problems. Incorporate the theories from earlier in the course where appropriate.
Propose specific recommendations for resolving the problems. Analyze whether this issue should be approached as a law enforcement or a healthcare issue.
Identify expected changes that will occur in the community’s perception of the criminal justice system when these policies are instituted.

Make certain that you support your analysis with proper reasoning.
Submit your analysis in a Microsoft Word document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned. Name your file SU_MCJ5001_W5_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.