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There are multiple aspects involved with a presentation. Selecting your target audience is a very important part of a presentation. The presentation needs to be appropriate for the audience in order for the learning to be the most effective. Deciding on a target audience for this presentation is a process, but it may be important to recognize our own personal or professional connection to our chosen audience.
Ensuring that a presentation is appropriate for a stated audience might be one of the most important parts of planning a presentation. The audience has to be appropriate for the presentation in order for them to be engaged in the topic. The size of the audience is an important as well as establishing a relationship with your audience. If the audience does not know you, it might be helpful to establish a relationship with them first because this may help them become more interested in yourself as a presenter (Harvard Business Review, 2015).
I am presenting my project at a volunteer fire department in my county. My husband still has a lot of connections to this department even though we are not in the district. Since he was a member there, I have been able to get to know many of the men and women overtime. I picked this location because I know many of the people there and they are a very active station with people of different backgrounds. I know that many of the men and women in this station are interested in health related topics as well as helping others. I think that they will be very engaged in my project topic and it might make them more aware of issues in the community. I know that this audience has both men and women of all ages. I felt that this was very important to me because I would have people from different backgrounds and experience levels. I plan on having a smaller group of people to present to because this will help be really engage my audience. Twenty might be a good amount of people in my audience, however, this could increase. Not only may my presentation be helpful to my audience, but it may also assist them in helping people they interact with during their fire calls. I also plan on focusing my topic on substance abuse, so mentioning signs and symptoms of overdose can be helpful, especially since these individuals see a lot of this.
Selecting an audience for a presentation is challenging. It is important to build a relationship with your audience if you do not already have one. Knowing your audience is also important because this might alter how you give your presentation. I feel that my audience may be more engaged in my presentation because I already have a positive relationship with them. Since I will have a healthcare related topic for my presentation, I feel that my audience is very appropriate for this project.
Harvard Business Review. (2015). The best presentations are tailored to the audience. Retrieved from https://hbr.org/2015/04/the-best-presentations-are-tailored-to-the-audience

The topic I have chosen is Mental health.  These are diseases that affects how a person think, feel or relate to other people or to their surroundings. Many people suffer from this or knows someone that suffers from this. It mostly differs from one person to another and range from mild to severe. 
            Unfortunately, nowadays, many people focus on other things like technology, work or schooling and do not pay much attention to their mental health or that of the people around them. Nowadays, you go to people’s homes, restaurant, playground and other places where people are supposed to be interacting with each other and all you see is people staring at their phones and not taking their time to talk to the people around them to know what they are going through mentally. There are a lot of aspects one has to consider before choosing their target audience. I have to first think about my own knowledge and opinion about mental health. Then later, consider into taking account, the age, gender, interest, education, job, family role and marital status among others of the target audience. Knowing the age, gender and educational level will help in preparing the information for presentation. Knowing their interest will also guide me in selecting the tone for the presentation. The family role or marital status will help decide if a spouse of family member needs to be present during presentation so they can learn more to assist their family member going through this health problem (Clark, 2015).
            I have personally experienced loss of very close friends to suicide. They were suffering from depression and all the people around them never took them serious till they actually committed suicide. I witnessed domestic violence in my house growing up, it got to a point I thought it was a normal behavior till it all stopped when the person was diagnosed with bipolar and was put on medication. Most people do not take people who have mental health problems seriously until it is too late and it starts affecting the person’s daily activities, family, work, school or even sometimes death. I learned and understood more about mental health when I became a nurse. I connect more to my target audience because we live in the same community and share the same societal values, face the same common problems and I am able to refer them to some of the resources that are available for them in the community.  
Clark, M. J. (2015). Population and community health nursing (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson