Prompt B: Technology Takes Sides
In a world of social networking, Instagrams, Twitter, Pinterest, instant messaging, and Facebook, technology can help spread the word. These networks can organize and mobilize individuals from around the globe, sometimes for political or humanitarian purposes. World perspectives on local events can help shape response, action, and policy. Have you used technology or social media to learn about or share information about an event?
In this Discussion you will analyze the role of technology in global events, using this week’s Learning Resources and Week 4 Notes and Readings.
To prepare for the Discussion:
Consider the following:

Do you follow people on Twitter?
Do you tweet, use Pinterest, Facebook, or instant message your friends? How often?
Revisit the “Tweeting Towards Freedom” article in thisweek’s Notes and Readings.
Consider if there a downside to have so much access? Identify an example of how new communication technologies have had an impact on the world stage and the impact it made.
Consider how the immediacy of communication can impact the spread of information about world events-both good and bad.Post a response (at least 200–300 words) to the following prompt:

Not long ago, we had to wait for the evening news or morning newspaper to find out what happened in the world. In today’s technological world we have instantaneous access to global events. Some believe that the nature of instantaneous access to global events has strong political impact.
Select a current event happening in the world or your community. Describe the event, why you picked it, and explain how technology played a role in the way the news of this event spread. Discuss the benefits and downside of having so much access to local and world news.