Introduction to Discussions
Discussions are a way to demonstrate and share your understanding of important course concepts. They allow you to give and receive feedback and support, as well as engage in dialogues to challenge, clarify, and expand your understanding of course concepts. Regardless of your experience and background, your contributions to course discussions are important and valued.
Participation in discussions may require that you read an article or view a video and then describe, respond to, or expand on aspects of the article or video in your discussion post. If a resource is required for completing the discussion activity, a link to it is provided in the discussion.
To understand more about what is expected of you when participating in discussions:

Read the Writing Substantive Discussion Posts section of Communicating in the Courseroom to learn about the essential components of a good post.
Read Giving and Receiving Feedback for tips on engaging with your peers and instructor during discussions.
Review the Discussion Participation Scoring Guide, linked in the Course Overview, to learn how your instructor will evaluate your discussion participation throughout this course.

Addressing a Business Challenge
Imagine that you are the organizational consultant in the Critical Thinking scenario. You have known and worked with both Regina and Carl in the past. You have some knowledge of the use of social media for marketing, although managing social media marketing is not your primary background. You can envision consulting opportunities at either (or both) companies; to consider such opportunities, you need to understand the main problem each executive is facing.
Summarize your understanding of the problem from the perspectives of both Regina and Carl. Are there aspects of the problem that they agree on? Conversely, are there aspects that they disagree about? Use what you have learned this week about critical thinking to develop one alternative solution for each of the executives. Briefly explain what you believe to be the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.
A well-developed post, one that would be considered distinguished, is usually 250–350 words, on topic, provides examples, and relates what you’re saying to the course content.
Post your initial discussion response by Thursday to allow time for your peers to respond.