(Note: Check the due date, this assignment is not due until Week Six. This assignment is worth 100 points and will take a considerable amount of time. Do get started right away. You are welcome to use your evaluations from Discussions #1 and #2 as part of this assignment.)
Submit your Annotated Bibliography (3-5 entries) in the correct MLA format.
(See the sample Annotated Bibliographies.)
For this assignment you will compile an annotated list of different sources. These may include academic journals, professional journals and magazines, books, organization literature, government reports, video, documentaries, websites, etc.
Include at least one book, one website and one peer-reviewed, scholarly article.
Try to spend a page on each article, providing information in the following areas:

brief description of the purpose and intended audience/reader
implications for your research
relation to ideas in other sources
reliability/validity of the article
article presentation, description and effect (language, tone, style, format, etc.)

Present your information as a document for a researcher following in your footsteps, with your name, the date, and the tentative research question or title written up at the top. Also use headings and subheadings, bullets or numbering as needed.  List them in proper MLA bibliographic form. Alphabetize the bibliography as for “Works Cited.”
The whole annotated bibliography is double-spaced and alphabetized. Don’t add extra spaces between entries. You should give your annotated bibliography a real title. Try something like this: Ma Rainey’s Blues and Feminism: An Annotated Bibliography.
Though you are required to turn in only three source entries for this assignment, I highly recommend annotating all the sources you are considering. This is part of the research process and you will be asked to provide this type of bibliography in many situations. (In many disciplines, this is known as a Review of the Literature.)
Since your position and recommendations in the final paper must be supported by the most valid, relevant, and reliable sources in your subject area, you need to have a clear and thorough understanding of the quality and reliability of these sources, how they differ and why and how they might be useful.
This assignment is for you: It is an important part of your research materials. This bibliography will be instrumental in organizing your paper later on. You will be able to quickly review and decide how you will use each source. It can also spark new ideas and connections when you get stuck.