This assignment is designed to help you understand the “management” function of public relations, and how to set public relations objectives, activate public relations campaigns, and implement public relations programs.
AT&T’s “it can wait” campaign (Links to an external site.) ( was one of the nominees of the 2015 WEBBY award. Please go ahead to study the case by conducting Internet search yourself and answer the following questions.
Questions: If you are the public relations director of AT&T to continue and enhance this campaign in 2016, what public relations objectives will you set for the campaign and what public relations programs will you plan? Please explain how do you determine these objectives and programs? In other words, what make you determine these objectives and programs than others.
Please note that you are expected to apply the knowledge that you have learned in Chapter 5, especially the information from pp. 87-93, when completing this assignment. Graders will pay special attention to whether your objectives are clear, understandable, have a firm completion date, measurable, and consistent with management’s objectives. Your PR programs should accord with your PR objectives. Therefore, there should be consistencies there too.
Format: Short answer only. No essay. Please make sure you describe your answer clearly. You don’t need to create the programs etc. Only descriptions will be enough.