Provide feedback on first drafts
Post your draft to one of the discussion groups in this forum and provide feedback on the drafts of your discussion partners. 

Post drafts by 11:59 p.m. Sunday
Return feedback within 48 hours

Follow the directions on this peer review handout:

Directions Discussion 1.2 – Intro to Peer Review.docx
Directions Discussion 1.2 – Intro to Peer Review.pdf

Peer Review Process: I uploaded the 2 people drafts and memos, and directions 

Choose 2 people’s drafts to review. 
If you notice 2 people have already reviewed an individual’s draft, please move on to a different person’s draft to review. 
Note: if you conduct your peer review on 2 individuals and then later find that the maximum number of people have already performed a review on the original post, go ahead and post your peer review anyway.