Factors that shape documents
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Describe the document you’re going to revise for this module, and discuss the factors that influenced your thinking and work as you created the document – factors related to:


What factors did you take into account or not take into account? Why?
When thinking about revising the document for a new audience, purpose, or setting, how will these factors influence your thinking about the document or the processes you might use to revise it?
If you are able, post the document as an attachment. You’ll get better responses if people can refer to the actual document.
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Suggest another audience, purpose, or setting where the content of this document might be useful, and then answer these questions: I uploaded the files of the 1 discussion and the other will paste down 

What strategies might be most effective for learning about the audience in this new scenario?
What ethical issues might be relevant to production or distribution of this document?


 The document I am choosing to revise is a document I recently created for my workplace. I work in a small restaurant and I wrote up an opening and closing checklist with all the duties of the opener or closer for the day. This means my audience was either the opener or closer of the restaurant. The purpose was to ensure a smooth shift for the opener, closer, and other employees.

I didn’t exactly take into account the process and could’ve done a better job at listing things in the order that they will be completed. I also didn’t really take into account formatting other than trying to fit it all on one page. I did take into account my audience as I tried to word the tasks so everyone would be able to understand.

When thinking about revising this document I could focus on making the checklist more condensed without compromising information. I would also focus on making the list flow in chronological order. I could change the audience to the managers that check our work in a way such as: “did the employee…”. I could also add headings or subcategories.