Please review the attached .pdf file. These are the steps for the assignment. You will attach a Word or equivalent document for submitting the assignment. Please make sure that the assignment includes a modified model screenshot and explanation as requested.  Please include a title page and make sure that you cite any references that are used. You can talk with others in the class when you are doing this, but this is an individual assignment.    
Go through and complete each tutorial 
●  Complete each of the tutorials shown 
○  Please make sure that you are saving your models as you go 
○  Please take screenshots of some of your work  
● At the end of each of the tutorials, there are some suggestions to modify the model that you have created. 
○ Make some suggested modifications to the models 
○ Take screenshots of the changes that you have made and the results of how this changed the outcomes.
  ● Put together an “individual” Word document with the screenshots of the changes/modifications.  ○ Please write a couple of paragraphs on what you learned in each one of the tutorials  
■ Include general observations and analysis  
■ Describe the modifications that you made and the outcomes that resulted    
See the attached tutorial      
 Disease Dynamics (SD):    
Disease Dynamics (ABM):    
Predator-Prey Interactions (SD):