Discussion Question: (Initial Post Due Date–Wednesday, Feb. 19)
The book states, “…minority group members in the United States tend to develop a stronger sense of racial and ethnic identity than do majority group members.  Whites [the majority in the United States] tend to take their culture for granted; although they may develop a strong ethnic identity, they often do not really think about their racial identity.”
After looking through the theories about minority and majority identity development, address the following questions in your discussion post.
(Keep in mind, the majority identity development is explaining not “…how White people’s identity develops, but rather how they might move up in unlearning the racism…that we unconsciously acquire as we grow up.”)

Depending on which group you identify with (minority or majority) do you feel the stages are accurate?
Can you relate to these stages? Why or why not?
At what stage are you in your identity development, as it is explained in the text? Explain why you feel you are in this stage.

Response options (Response Due Date–Saturday, Feb. 22)
When responding to your fellow classmates’ posts, consider the following questions/comments (you can choose one or all three of these possible ways to respond):

Do you agree with what they said about the accuracy of the stages?  (Keep in mind they may be in a different category of development than you (minority or majority.)
How are you similar to your fellow students? Can you relate to the stages of identity development they are in? 
Or, start your response with, “I really like what you said here because…” OR “I can relate to what you said here because…”