The place I choose is (Middle East) Egypt.
The final paper (attached as a document) should be at least 1000 words long, and should include pictures with captions, maps, and a bibliography. Examples of some of the points that you may want to integrate are below. Keep in mind that not all of these items will be relevant to your place . Your group will need to decide what to include after doing some preliminary research on your place.
1. Introduction and physical geography highlights: Place name, location, maps and general photographs of the region, what is significant about this area?
2. Lithosphere (Topographic Features, Plate Tectonics and Rocks/Minerals, Landforms) Topography (general description of relief and the region’s dominant landforms), Famous or Unique Landforms, Dominant Rocks and Minerals (sedimentary, igneous intrusive or extrusive,metamorphic), Plate Tectonic Features (types of faults, specific faults, movements of land), how did this area form tectonically?
3. Hydrosphere (Rivers, Lakes, Oceans, Groundwater, and Water Issues) Water Supply (Sources: rivers, glaciers, groundwater, lakes, man-made reservoirs), Water Demand (urban, agriculture, vegetation), Major Rivers, Lakes, Oceans or Seas, Large and/or Important Floodplains (also note if flooding is common), How has water contributed to the formation of the area?
4. Atmosphere (Climate, Unique Climate Conditions) Koppen Climate Classification Type (description), Climograph, Unique Climate Conditions (monsoon, seasonal rains, unusual winds, wildfires, etc.), How has the climate influenced the formation of this area?
5. Biosphere (Vegetation Types, Dominant Plants, Unique Plants, Animals) Dominant Vegetation Types and plant characteristics, Unique Plants, Invasive species, The impact of fire, how are the plants and animals adapted to the areas climate?
6. Conclusion. Your conclusion should summarize how all of the above sections are related to each other and together influence the development of the place. You may also discuss the influence of humans on your area.