Assignment Instructions
Hazard Vulnerability Matrix Worksheet

You completed the Hazard Vulnerability Matrix Worksheet to begin the process in developing your HVA. Over the next 2 weeks you will utilize the Matrix to complete the Hazard Vulnerability Assessment Worksheet (one worksheet for each type of hazard; manmade, technological, natural) (adapted from FEMA course IS559). This tool assists the Emergency Manager in determining the probability and severity of the hazard. The goal is to identify the hazards that pose the greatest risk to your community. Should you not have any information available regarding a hazard, make that known in the cell associated with the hazard and item of consideration.

Keep in mind that the more meticulous you are the less problems you will have when you develop your EOP in EDMG220.

Download the EDMG101 HVA Vulnerability.xlsx.  This contains a cover sheet and 3 blank tabs to fill–Natural, Technological, and Human.
Fill out your name and date on the cover tab.
Copy the hazards you identified in all 3 tabs from the HVA Matrix.  Rate the hazard 1-5 in each of the column categories.  The vulnerability index will be calculated from your inputs.
Add your first initial and last name to the filename. ie: AJones HVA Vulnerability.xlsx
Submit here in the classroom.

Supporting Materials

EDMG101 HVA Vulnerability.xlsx (16 KB)
Hazard Vulnerability Assessment Worksheet-Instructions.pdf (16 KB)
Hazard Vulnerability Assessment Worksheet-example.pdf (62 KB)