Chapter 7
1. What is a small business and how small businesses can be Born-Global? What characteristics their leadership and organization possess? How small businesses could succeed? 
2. How does a small business can break barriers of becoming global? What are these barriers and how these organizations are transformed? What kind of strategies they have to pursue to succeed? 
3. What are various ways that a small business get connected to international Market? How Tata Motor Company has gained this access? Read the case of TATA in your book and explain.  
Chapter 8
4. What organizational structures do exist or could be obtained for multinational companies (MNC’s) to achieve their goals? How these structures promote accountability, efficiency and effectiveness? Howe these structures help building control system and culture?  
5. Why companies must change their organizational structures as they grow? What are functional, product and geographic structures and why companies choose these structures and for what specific reasons? Why they change their structures as they grow? 
6.Why companies choose matrix, transnational and metanational structures and why? Why large multinational companies choose metanational structures? How this organizational structure helps a company to achieve its goal and stay competitive?