You will be writing a general research paper about discrimination in the workplace. The text provides an overview of the subject in chapter 2 but I would like you to go deeper into the subject. Assume the reader of your paper is totally unaware of the issues of workplace discrimination and you need to educate her in about 4 or 5 pages. You may want to begin the paper with an overview of the topic and then narrow it down to a couple of elements that interest you. Real examples help to bring life to the topic. Be sure to use good academic and professional sources in your paper.

paper will be 4 pages and will be in proper academic (APA) format. Each brief should be an overview of the topic and its applicability to the human resource management topics we are covering in class. These are not opinion papers or position papers. Assume the reader of the brief has no knowledge of the subject. Each brief must have at least 8 academic and /or professional references and related in-text citations.