PS2100 – Human Relations WI20 B – Section D01

PS2100 – Human Relations 

For this assignment, you will need to monitor your emotions over the course of a day. Be sure to check your emotions at least 12 times during that day. Make a chart of your emotions detailing the time, the circumstance, and your emotion at the time. Refer back to Learning Activities #1 and #2 before completing this assignment.

Then, answer the following questions:
1. Overall, do you see an emotional pattern? Explain in detail.
2. What strategies for emotional control do you feel would work best for you?

At some point during the day that you are completing this assignment, have a planned, purposeful conversation with someone during which you use appropriate self-disclosure. You may wish to reach out and attempt to repair a strained relationship, apologize to someone or give constructive criticism. Be sure to plan this conversation and be aware of your emotional state as you speak with the other person. Also try to read the body language of the person with whom you are conversing. Was this conversation uncomfortable or awkward?