Please help me to write 2,5 pages of research paper for microbiology course.
I have attached two SAMPLES where I have described and highlighted  which paragraphs I need you to  rephrase in similar way.Please read them.
In SAMPLE #1,  you will see the sample of the original text which was highlighted (SAMPLE), and some of my own sentences (MY) which should be used instead. Some of the paragraphs need to rewrite in the similar way by using common sense of the text. The text which was   underlined can be used the same. 
In SAMPLE #2,  for the  Discussion I have Highlighted a different result  comparing to result in SAMPLE #1. This different result should be added to my paper because it`s the same and should be rewritten in other way. 
For the references and the conclusion, please use something similar where it can be described  about these bacteria which have been mentioned in two samples.  Escherichia coli & Salmonella sp. 
In this project have been used 3 plates, NA plate, MacConkey Agar, and XLT-4 .