As a senior-ranking manager in a small hospital, you serve as a mentor for more novice managers. Part of your mentoring relationship involves a monthly presentation to the group of novice managers. Your topic for this week’s presentation is “Developing productivity standards and benchmarking performance data using analytics.”

Conduct research on the topics of productivity standards, and benchmarking performance data using analytics.
Prepare a presentation in either PowerPoint or Prezi.
Length: your presentation should be 5-10 minutes in length. Slides should include key points, and not be overcrowded with text.
Speaker’s Notes or Voiceover: you must include either speaker’s notes or a voiceover within your presentation.
Your objective is to explain why every manager must understand, and implement productivity standards and use benchmarking of performance data. Include a few examples of these concepts “at work” in your hospital, to illustrate your points.
Include a reference slide at the end of your presentation, with a minimum of two sources.