1. praveen . It is no doubt that sporting is a very competitive career. I must admit that players competing for excellence in sports often end up using anything, whether legal or prohibited, to just gain a competitive advantage over their opponents. This is the reason behind the widespread abuse of illegal substances like steroids. Players tend to overlook the health consequences of misusing such drugs to enhance their performance. The major league Basketball steroid is a scandal that is one of the widely known cases of, and it portrayed the darker part of sports.
The practice pf this unethical behavior tends to ruin the reputation of sport competition and gives players a feeling that they can outdo their opponents by substance abuse. The MLA      commissioner in an interview conducted in 2003 on the Major League Basketball steroid scandal reiterated that the unwarranted use of muscle-flexing drugs ruin the competitive nature of sports and injure America’s pastime (Groothuis et al. 2017). The commissioner concerns were the constant reports of steroid abuse and how it could harm the athletes and ruin the sport’s image.
Such unethical practices not only ruin the reputation or health of the perpetrators but also impact the attitude and sporting efforts of the ethical players. The players who comply with the set rules and regulations feel the pinch of competing on an unfair ground. They feel the sense of being trapped by unpronounced advantages (Mulder et al., 2020). With cases of a section of players using steroids makes the other players feel inferior and brings a sense of fear in the game. They also feel unfairly rewarded, having been subjected to a shady playing environment. 
 .Sporting is a competitive field; some players might also be tempted/lured to use the same drugs in a bid to achieve competitive advantages. This is the worst part of the unethical practice, and if it happens in many cases, then the subsequent generation will buy the unfair practice. Ethical players may be demotivated by the wrath of their fans expressing their disappointment on their unimpressive performance. On the last bit, I feel these menace ought to be addressed, and I don’t think steroids or any other drug should see a chance to tint the popular sports.

2.Using steroids is the main issue in the united states, which affects the players a lot. Some of the players comply with the rules and regulations, but others don’t follow (Cong & Liu, 2019). Therefore, the unethical practices by the steroids end up affecting other innocent players.
Harms of the unethical actions
Many people widely use the use of steroids to enhance performance for an extended period. The handling of the steroids makes the sporting arena noncompetitive. The players who use steroids tend to be powerful compared to other players not using the drugs (Fujii, 2019). Those using the drugs got a lot of power and body sizes. The action demotivates other innocent players, and hence, the filed ends up been noncompetitive due to a lack of interest.
The players are also demotivated because, most of the time, those using the substances might perform better than other people (Fujii, 2019). Non-users are demotivated from working hard because they know they won’t make it due to less power. The use of substances also hinders talent recognition. Some players are active and ready to show their talents, but using drugs prohibits them. If another player plays better due to the power of drugs, then this might discourage people from showing up their abilities (Cong & Liu, 2019). The sporting filed will remain stagnant without development due to unethical practices from the drugs.
The use of steroids might have indirect harm to users. However, the problem with the drugs makes the other person lose the battle and make them look weaker. The indirect impacts affect other people negatively also the sports field. Use of steroid, therefore, it’s prohibited, and everyone should follow the necessary rules and regulations not only at games but other areas which requires fairness.

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