For this paper, you will be writing a summary and synthesis of 3 articles all focused on internet privacy.  A summary and synthesis is about relating the main idea of a text in a shortened form and then offering an overall picture of the situation.
The paper must include:

An introduction that…

Presents a summary statement explaining one or two issues facing internet privacy; what’s the problem?
Gives some information explaining how big the issue is
Offers an answer to the question, “so what?” or why should the issue matter to people?
Provides a statement preparing reader for synthesis

A synthesis/analysis

Brings all of the information together and presents readers with a clear picture of an issue all articles discuss
Provides inferences and conclusions about the issue in the articles so that readers have an idea about solutions, effects, and the future of the issue
Uses evidence from the articles to reinforce the importance of the issue you have chosen to focus on

A conclusion that restates the thesis and offers something new for the reader based on your understanding of the topic

The paper should be formatted as follows:

Include name, class, and assignment in upper left-hand corner
Include a title centered at the top of the page
Times New Roman font
12 point font
Double spaced
1 inch margins
1.5 – 2 pages