The PICOT question that is proposed for my final project:
P: Are patients that are in the hospital who receive patient education lead to an increase in HCAPHS scores? I: with education to the staff and updated documentation policies, C: As opposed to those that do not? O: Increase HCAPHs scores and decreased readmissions at 30 days T: over 12 months.
Information that will need to be obtained includes what our current HCAPHS, the readmission rate and diagnosis of the patients are. What the cost of the current stay is on all the different levels of the hospital. How does HCAPHS affect reimbursement? What is the baseline documentation being done on education and care plans? The survey’s on the staff’s perception of what needs to be documented. How much time and what the cost of the hourly staff chosen to audit compliance of patient documentation of education and care plans. As one audits charge, there is a need to try and identify what are the deficits in the education and is there a correlation to the patient being readmitted to the facility (Burnett, Lee, Doherty, Suh, Kim, …, Choi, & Suh, 2018). The difficult part of my PICOT questions is that much of the information is subjective instead of objective. From my project, my true hope is that the policies of the organization will be updated with what is expected and that the staff will be educated on the proper way of documenting in the chart.  One of my biggest concerns is that many do not give themselves enough information even to remember a patient or situation if that chart is ever brought to court for some reason.