What is the leader’s biggest challenge? Self-doubt is my leader biggest challenge. As a leader, Priscilla’s biggest challenge is being outspoken and able to say no. How does the person address problems or issues? Zyare address problems or issues through his wide variety of friends. […]


Eloni has just been placed in foster care for physically abusing his younger brother, Kolomalu. Child Protective Services (CPS) was brought in, Eloni was removed from the home, and the family was referred to counseling. In addition to acting out aggressively, there is good evidence […]

Interprofessional Collaboration

Planning for our patients during times of transitions (for example: hospital to home, home to rehabilitation facility) involves collaboration with a number of healthcare professionals. Please address the following questions: How does your facility promote interprofessional collaboration during times of patient transitions? What is the […]

American Nurses Association. (2014)

American Nurses Association. (2014). Fast facts: The nursing workforce 2014: Growth, salaries, education, demographics & trends (Links to an external site.). Review the data presented in the ANA Fast Facts and describe some of the key attributes/characteristics of this sample of the nursing workforce. Discuss […]

Patient outcomes through nursing actions

View a short tutorial with tips for completing this assignment: iCARE Paper Tutorial (Links to an external site.) Getting Started: Interprofessional teams are part of practice trends we see developing in all aspects of care delivery. Consider you own work environment (or recent clinical setting). […]

“Arson Fraud”

Explain if you believe all arsons are the cause of “Arson Fraud” or some are the cause of personal mistakes by individuals and children.  

Multilateral environmental agreements

With reference to one or more multilateral environmental agreements, critically examine the concept and application of Common but Differentiated Responsibility as a means for overcoming historical and contemporary divides between developed and developing countries.