homophobia and heterosexual
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Homophobia Paper
Define homophobia and heterosexual. Use your opinion plus another source. Discuss your opinion as to how people become homophobic. Describe at least one rationalization of justification for homophobia. Describe a realistic response that may diminish one’s rationalization or justification for homophobia. Based on your own life experiences, what are some of the stereotypes of gays and lesbians? Describe some means of refuting or diminishing these stereotypes. How do these stereotypes or images of GLBT related to how they are treated? Describe two examples of the obstacles other than violence that confronts GLBT in seeking civil equality and justice. Discuss two examples of the obstacles other than violence that confront GLBT in seeking equality and justice. Discuss what you personally can or will do.

This paper must be written in APA style and be between 2 and 3 pages long.


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