660 Wk4 Asg4

Leader Traits The purpose of this assignment is to identify the traits frequently associated with leadership effectiveness and explore the advantages and disadvantages associated with trait approaches to leadership. For this assignment: Provide an overview of the leader’s role that includes the following: Name and […]

Biometrics And Privacy

1)   Many people believe that the use of biometrics is an invasion of privacy. For example, an eye scanning device records the inner structure of a person’s eye and stores that image in a database. Critics worry that databases of human traits used to […]

660 Wk4 Db1

Perceptions of Leadership The research and practice of leadership focuses on the leader while the role of the follower is often neglected. Using the overview provided in this week’s lecture and readings, how do follower perceptions affect a leader’s style? How might you best assess […]

660 Wk3 Db2

 Leadership Relations A critical component of a leader’s success is their ability to develop effective relationships with their superiors, their co-workers, and their subordinates.  Propose and discuss at least three strategies a leader should adopt to enhance their relationships with superiors, co-workers and subordinates.  Discuss […]

660 Wk3 Db1

 Leadership Effectiveness The base rate of managerial incompetence is estimated to be 50 to 75%. This means that a majority of people in positions of authority have difficulties getting a group of people to work effectively together or get results. What do you think about […]

660 Wk2 Asg2

Characteristics of Leader Effectiveness The purpose of this assignment is to examine similarities and differences in characteristics of effectiveness for several familiar leadership roles. In a three- to four-page paper (excluding the title and reference pages) Identify the characteristics by which the effectiveness of the […]

660 Wk2 Db2

Ethical Organizational Culture What is the relationship between a leader’s responsibility for ethical behavior and the idea of an ethical organizational culture? Research a specific nonfictional leader of your choice and provide examples of the behaviors this leader exhibits that highlight the role of ethics in […]

660 Wk2 Db1

Ethical Leadership Companies have become increasingly aware of the advantages that being ethically conscious have to offer, especially in the global economy. Using the overview of ethical leadership provided in this week’s lecture and readings, in what way can ethical business practices increase organizational competitiveness […]

660 Wk1 Asg1

Leadership Competency Models A competency model is a set of knowledge, skills, behaviors, or attributes, which defines what is needed by a person to be effective in a particular leadership position. The two articles this week titled; A leadership competency model: Guiding the NAON process […]

Original Research 10 Strategic Points Draft

Consider a potential gap in the literature that is emerging from your ongoing reading in your field of interest including no less than five specific research studies. Using the information from those research studies, state the potential gap that you identified and describe how it […]