Continuous Quality Improvement Using a Social Marketing Approach

  The purpose of this assignment is to apply social marketing tactics to a continuous quality improvement approach within a health care context. Social marketing (not to be confused with social media marketing) is a process that utilizes marketing principles and techniques to influence the […]

Discussion Post Agricultural Ecology

  I would like for you to post a recent news article (Florida Water Issues) (last 3 years) that highlights Florida water issues. Look for an article involving: Heavy demand of water by commercial, real estate, and agricultural development that have put pressure on natural […]

Valpak Case Study Summary

Read Chapter 19 Case Study- Valpak in The Project Manager’s Guide to Mastering Agile and answer the below questions in a submitted essay. Write a 1000 word Case Study Analysis by answering the following questions: 1. What was the transformation that took place at Valpak? 2. […]

Power point MBA 5101

  Instructions Review the processes of invention and innovation. Then, select a new product   that you have been introduced to in the past 12 months. You are encouraged to   research this new product using outside sources. You can use the same company   you have been […]

Article Organizational Behavior

  Locate an article in an Online Library that relates to organizational behavior, and write a review of the article. Article review must be a minimum of two pages in length. Be sure to address each of the following points in your article review. Identify […]


Requirements: Students must both address the Discussion Forum issue(s), as well as comment on the posts of a minimum two of their classmates to adequately complete the assignment. There is no minimum or maximum length as long as all the issues are fully addressed. Students striving for […]

Math and science in early childhood

Reading materials are chapter 9 and 10 from (  1.  First discuss how both earth and physical science education can be experienced in the early childhood  classroom. Give example 2,   Provide ideas regarding how all of these four types of science ( Earth Science, Life […]

Assessment: Evidence-Based Practice and the Quadruple Aim

   Write a brief analysis (no longer than 2 pages) of the connection between evidence-based practice and the Quadruple Aim.  · Define the Quadruple Aim and explain its application to evidence-based practice. Your analysis should address how evidence-based practice might (or might not) help reach […]

HW help for project management

Read the Casa De Paz Development Project case study found at the end of chapters 1 through 5, CPM 4e and answer the following questions in a paper formatted using a question-response format: Question 1 (taken from Unit 3) – If you were the project […]