Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Every company is held responsible for delivering their products and services in a timely manner and according to client’s demands through its terms and conditions, as indicated on the order sheet. Hartle1998 is a committed and dedicated service provider, sought by thousands of students and academicians due to our outstanding and experienced team of writers. We understand that offering custom essay writing services is not a walk in the park, seeing that should we violate our commitment, our clients have the right to partial or full reimbursement, which is according to our policies. We are a firm that delivers expert essay writing services globally, regardless of the urgency or complexity of the placed order.

The interpretation of our terms and conditions

Price quote;

Before placing an order with us, we provide our clients with a free quote. We proceed to review your requirements and specifications to calculate the price of your future order.

Communication concepts;

We highly recommend clients to communicate with our writers through the customer relations team we have assigned. We have reliable communication channels that include WhatsApp, live chat, email, and messaging system. We expect clients to provide us with suitable feedback by answering our messages and communicate with our support team. We care about your privacy, so when offering reliable essay writing assistance, we keep all communications between us private and confidential to avoid leakages or any sort of exposure.

Our order placement operations;

  • When placing an order with us, there are various things you have to comply and agree to;
  • Every client should provide all the required order instructions and the necessary materials for the essay. Afterwards they proceed to checkout with their preferred payment option and the most suited writer for the task is assigned.
  • The customer is given a chance to monitor their work’s progress, but we can also provide you updates if that’s what you prefer. If there are inconsistencies/ mismatch between pricing and the instructions or the work load given, the writing department may demand compensation.
  • After completion of the order, it is edited and proofread before you are alerted.
  • You have the right to ask for a free plagiarism report, which is attached to the completed task. All our papers are written from scratch.

Urgency & deadlines;

Every order we receive from clients has an appropriate deadline, ranging between 3 hours and two months. When an early delivery is inevitable, the price of the order placed may be subject to deliberations. We provide clients with professional homework writing support at the requested time frame.

Submission of a refund application;

Although this rarely happens, clients can ask for a refund after seeking our help within a fortnight from the deadline date. When plagiarism is a concern, constraints aren’t applicable, but the applicant has to prove their claims without contradictions. NOTE THAT; there are various plagiarism checkers considered more trusted than others, such as





  • If a client wants free revision after consulting our professional custom essay writers, the request can only be applied within 48 hours after the deadline. After the time elapses, the reviewing services aren’t available.
  • If an assignment is more than 20 pages, clients are given a month over the deadline expiry date to inquire for revisions.
  • In case a client alters with the original work that our writers deliver, the free revision request and all other subsequent claims are no longer valid.
  • In requesting our free revision services, you need to set a new delivery date while giving your commentary.
  • To qualify for revisions, we urge our clients to ensure that their accounts and emails correspond with our information. If you fail to upload necessary order details, any mistakes arising wont be subject to revision.

Full refund;

  • When a customer is charged twice or maybe he/her has placed a duplicate order, they have the right to demand a full refund on one of the orders. Only our representatives have the mandate to cancel erroneous orders.
  • Clients receive a full refund in an instant where a reliable and qualified writer isn’t found.
  • Once the full refund is conducted, clients aren’t allowed to make further use of any materials or content provided by our services.
  • We do not guarantee full refunds due to low grades, as every university has a different evaluation criteria. The quality assurance department considers the professor’s feedback to determine the full refund request.
  • In the absence of any commentary from the professor, only a partial refund can be considered/grated on the advice of the quality department.

Partial refund;

  • The client can only request for part of the order cost to be refunded if they failed to indicate the right number of pages required during the ordering process.
  • When a customer chooses an incorrect education level, we will henceforth decide the necessary refundable amount.
  • If the information and instructions provided do not match, and a clients pays more than the required amount, we might partially refund the clients.
  • When a client cancels an order when it has already been assigned to a writer, we can consider refunding the amount partially. however the amount refundable is subject to the company’s internal evaluation.

Time Extension;

An order is certified urgent if it is to be delivered within 24 hrs. However orders which involve a lot of research or have a high word count can also be certified as urgent depending on the amount of time available to the writer and his/ her workload before delivery. In such cases we might request for a time extension for the writer to have ample time to work on such papers.

Issues of word count;

  • The number of pages is calculated according to the word count; however, this rule doesn’t apply to technical content.
  • We can provide speaker notes for presentation homework where the client receives more than 100 words for every ppt slide.
  • The total number of questions determines the cost of an outline test, at the rate of 5 questions per page.

Delivery & deadline;

We might impose penalties in form of additional pay, should the client demand for their order to be delivered before the scheduled time. If the writer agrees to complete the order without additional reimbursement, we may not be able to offer you a refund in the future once your paper is delivered. If we do not agree upon a deadline extension and deliver your order past your deadline, we will provide partial payments.

Type of order placed;

We always urge our clients to choose the right paper format, academic level, work type subject and all other paper instructions and countercheck their order before check out, as we do not consider refunds when an order has been placed and payment confirmed.

When clients request custom essay rewriting assistance, our team of writers will always strive to re-do the whole paper. If there are additional research, text, or changes, we request additional compensation.

We urge clients to vigilantly check their emails and profile page in case we want to contact them. We appreciate the prompt response, especially when we need the client to approve a topic.

Credentials storage;

  • We do not store clients’ credit/debit card information or payment-related data on our website; the only information stored is the name & surname.
  • We only work with the credit card when processing payments, an act that’s certified by Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.
  • The dealings are processed legally by 3rd parties.

Once you’ve visited us and used our services, it means you’ve accepted our terms and conditions. We hold our clients in high esteem, so your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Check our website for  our terms of services and get more information about our terms and conditions.