Securing IoT Devices: What are the Challenges? Security practitioners suggest that key IoT security steps include: Make people aware that there is a threat to security; Design a technical solution to reduce security vulnerabilities; Align the legal and regulatory frameworks; and Develop a workforce […]

Project Management

Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling By: Harold R. Kerzner Publisher: John Wiley & Sons P&T Edition: 11th Read the case study “The Invisible Sponsor” on page 658 and then pick one (1) of the following sets of three (3) questions […]


APA FORMAT 1-2 PARAGRAPHS REFERENCES NEED IN 6 HOURS Based on your review and analysis of the “Is It Fraud” case study (Kerzner, 2017, pp. 295-297), address the following key discussion topic elements: First, summarize the case study and clearly identify the ethical dilemma in […]

Management information System

This assignment has three parts: Is information systems (IS) performance linked to business performance?  Share a specific company example that you feel supports your position. Based on your knowledge, what types of products do not fit well in the E-commerce model?  Why?  Have you ever […]

Recruitment and Interview Process

Recruitment and Interview Process Organizations must find the best candidate for a job among a pool of many applicants. Which of the basic selection criteria do you feel is the most critical in hiring? Give a rationale for your decision along with examples: Education and […]

psy questions

   1. How are you feeling about your skills as a counselor? Is there a particular area of concern? 2. What has been the most helpful in developing counseling skills and knowledge? Be specific. Must be answered with 150-200 words to each questions and have […]

Security System Architecture and design

Length:  Minimum of 600 words   Briefly respond to all the following questions. Make sure to explain and backup your responses with facts and examples. This assignment should be in APA format and have to include at least two references.  Using Figure 5.4 as the […]

Assignment eco

This assignment is aligned to these course outcomes: Explain economic principles and their applications in the real world. Summarize the different types of market structures and the role of government in economics. In the workplace, we are often asked to create “briefs.” A brief provides […]

Auditing of Organizational Ethics and Compliance Programs

  “Auditing of Organizational Ethics and Compliance Programs”  Please respond to the following: Examine the significant values of conducting an ethics audit in an organization. Select five (5) areas that you would focus on if you must conduct an ethics audit and provide a rationale for […]