Question 1:
Imagine that you are a human service professional who is working with families who just experienced a natural disaster such as a large fire, tornado, or flood that eliminated dozens of homes and affected a large portion of a community. Discuss the following points in your initial post:

What do you believe is the most critical acute need of the families in this community?
What will be the most critical long-term need of the families in this community?
What would be the best treatment model or service to implement for these needs?

Question 2:
You are a human services professional working in an elementary school. You recently attended a conference on child development in elementary school that focused on the following three strategies: play therapy, early detection of reading problems, and tutoring. You would like to make some changes in the school in which you work so that the at-risk children make improvements in academic achievement. In your initial post, select one of the three strategies provided, and make the case for why this approach should be integrated into the school and how it will improve academic achievement in at-risk students. Use research, where appropriate, to support your response.