Scenario: Your solar panel manufacturing and installation company, Solar Co. Inc., is in the process of “”going public,”” has underwritten its Initial Public Offering (IPO), and filed its registration statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Your current executive team has asked you to create a plan ensuring compliance with a variety of regulations that will apply to Solar Co. as the company goes public and continues to expand.
Write a discussion in no more than 175 words about each of the four federal agencies listed above in which you:

Explain the role and function of the agency.
Identify at least two significant regulations enforced by each agency relevant to Solar Co.’s business (totaling eight regulations).
Provide recommendations for Solar Co. to ensure compliance with each of the regulations including specific action items to be taken by employees and management.” 286
“1. What is an in-the-money call option? What is an out-of-money put option?
2. How does an import quota differ from a tariff? Do you know any differences between Tariff and Tax? Please explain in details types of taxes and tariffs. Can the government ever capture the tariffs or/and taxes? If so, how? Provide with real examples from your country of origin.” 291

Describe (briefly) the culture before the company changed its culture.
List the steps the company took to change its culture.
Describe (briefly) the impact on employees and other statistics such as increased retention rates.
Show in table format the impact on gross income and profit over a three-year period.
Analyze the effectiveness of the steps to change culture.
Evaluate whether the steps were efficient and effective or whether other steps could have been taken.
Recommend how these changes could be used in a company whose culture is causing high employee turnover and poor image and detracting from its competitive advantage.