In your essay, identify the document with specific topics we have touched on in the course and analyze its importance and impact in relation to these topics. Be sure to place the document into its historical context. What was going on at the time and in the location this source was written? What important themes, trends, concepts, or consequences does it illustrate? What do we know from examining this source that we didn’t know or understand before encountering it? What things make this document significant and worthy of someone else’s attention? Your essay should be between three and four double-spaced pages in length, or roughly between 750 and 1000 words. Your writing should be clear and free of grammatical errors, concise and well organized.   the Pre-Columbian and colonial eras of Mexican history. 10

Though it has been nearly 50 years that the Watergate scandal has erupted, ultimately ending in the resignation of President Richard Nixon, its echoes still reverberate in American politics. Respect and trust for elected officials never fully recovered from Watergate and is perhaps even more profound in light of our current political landscape.   In what ways did that scandal affect Americans’ views on and respect for elected officials?  Point to specific examples to defend your position.