Table of Contents Introduction 2 Problem statement 2 Two technologies 2 Social Computing 2 Cloud Computing 2 Business Requirements 2 Objectives 2 Project description 3 Technology requirements 3 Competitors and the Technology 3 1. Zappos 3  Technology one: Social Computing 3  Technology two: Cloud Computing 4 2. Kohl’s 4  Technology one: Social Computing 4  Technology two: Cloud Computing 4 Technology Solutions 5 Technology one: Social Computing 5 Technology two: Cloud Computing 5 Recommendations 5 Basic Security Considerations 6 References 6


Fashion for you is an up and coming organization in retail space that sell limited planner dress and accomplices to people. It is a little physical organization that represents considerable authority in fashioner attire, shoes, and purses. Representatives working in the organization are only 5 from which 2 are all day laborers and 3 are low maintenance laborers.

Problem statement

At this moment, the store simply has a principal site with a once-over of two or three things, and customers can simply purchase things instore. This is the fundamental issue organization is confronting on the grounds that the business can’t arrive at its clients as effectively as its rivals. Company’s competitors have best website system that is lacking in fashion for you and because of that company do not reach its goal that is growth. So, this website problem is hindering in company’s main goal that is growth and customers satisfaction.

Two technologies

Social Computing

Social Computing includes the gathering, extricating, getting to, preparing, registering, imagining, and so on of social sign and data. All the more explicitly, this instructional exercise places uncommon accentuations in AI, information mining, data recovery, and other computational systems engaged with aggregate insight preparing of social conduct information gathered from websites, wikis, clickthrough information, inquiry logs, labels, and so on., and from territories, for example, social systems, social inquiry, web based life, social bookmarks, social news, social information sharing, and social games. In this instructional exercise, I intend to give a prologue to Social Computing and expound on how the different attributes and viewpoints are associated with the social stages for aggregate insight. (King, et al., (2009)

Cloud Computing

In its underlying application field of data innovation (IT), distributed computing has demonstrated to be a troublesome innovation. It uses existing innovations, for example, utility registering, parallel processing, and virtualization. Some of its key attributes incorporate deftness, versatility and flexibility, on-request processing, and self-administration provisioning. Adjusted from the first distributed computing worldview, cloud based producing (CBM) is increasing huge force also, consideration from both scholarly world and industry. (Rouse, 2016).

Business Requirements


The objective that our business has been mentioned below:

First, the company wants to grow in the market. So, that’s why they want to launch a new technology that would lead the company to reach its goal

Second, the company wants the customer base and that would be possible with the new technology.

Third, the company should select a technology that would provide customers and vendors the privacy and security.

Forth, the company wants to become first in the market and lead in the market.

Project description

This project required to do the following things to fulfill the company’s objectives:

The company wants to launch new technology so that it can meet its objectives that include the growth of the company and meet the needs of customers.

After this project the desired results would be, we would get a new website and that would increase our company’s growth and that would be better for customers because we will fulfill its needs.

It is important for a business owner to launch a new technology because in this new era of technology companies should have to go with the market and fulfill the customers’ needs. The company must look at its competitors otherwise competitors will lead the market and our company will be in loss.

Technology requirements

1. To fulfil the needs of customers and get a competitive edge in the market.

2. To interface singular help suppliers and buyers in the arranged assembling setting, a CBM framework should bolster web-based life based organizing administrations. Online networking, for example, Quirky permits clients to use/influence publicly supporting in assembling. Moreover, web-based life doesn’t just interface people; it additionally associates fabricating related information also, data, empowering clients to communicate with a worldwide network of specialists on the Internet.

3. To enable clients to work together and share 3D geometric information immediately, a CBM framework ought to give versatile and cloud-based stockpiling that permits records to be put away, kept up, and synchronized consequently.

4. To process and oversee enormous information sets, alleged enormous information, with parallel and conveyed information mining calculations on a PC group, a CBM framework should utilize an open-source programming/programming system that supports information escalated circulated applications

Competitors and the Technology

1. Zappos

In 1999, the Zappos company has developed. It is an online shoe and apparel retailer and it is at it bleeding edge of development from its beginning. Zappos has never been a physical business. At an opportune time, the organization perceived that the world was getting progressively computerized and profited by that by concentrating on internet business clients only. As the years progressed, the organization has had the option to use internet business, online networking stages, bleeding edge innovation, a one of a kind organization culture, and fantastic client support to sell its items such that mirrors the consistently developing ways of life of buyers. (Raineri, 2019).

· Technology one: Social Computing

Zappos is one of the underlying adopters of the utilization of online networking for promoting and social internet business. It has taken an authority position.

Their internet-based life strategy spins around their organization site and fundamental web-based life systems, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Google +.

· Technology two: Cloud Computing

Super cloud project is currently used by Zappos, it is an Amazon web service. Cloud computing services are offered by the AWS and it is a secure and helpful service. It will help us in achieving 100% availability and reliability. At an average web page loading time of 1.5 seconds is provided by cloud computing. We are hoping with the launch of AWS our website’s traffic would be increased and our customer’s service also would be improved. Zappos company wants to free up their engineering staff that’s why they are using thus AWS service. Zappos wants to provide shareholders value beyond servers of repairing or outages fixing.

2. Kohl’s

Kohl’s Corporation works a chain of family-situated retail chains. The Company’s stores highlight clothing, footwear and extras for ladies, men and youngsters, delicate home items, for example, sheets and cushions, and housewares focused to center pay clients. Kohl’s offers web-based shopping just as offers store Mastercard’s.

Kohl’s motivation is to move and enable families to have satisfied existences. For over 50 years, Kohl’s has carried style and reserve funds to customers around the nation. We will probably be the most captivating retailer in America.

· Technology one: Social Computing

Kohl’s uses numerous internet-based life locales, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram to draw in, illuminate and catch its group of spectators’ considerations. At the point when you visit the different internet-based life pages of the Kohl’s image, you will obviously observe the organization is profoundly centered around its clients, just as giving proficient motivation. (Linklater, 2014).

· Technology two: Cloud Computing

Kohl’s is exceptionally situated at the bleeding edge of retail’s distributed computing abilities to change our tasks and prepare our group to meet short-and long-haul innovation needs, said Ratnakar Lavu, Kohl’s official VP and boss innovation official. Cloud has become the establishment for this change and brings our groups more noteworthy adaptability to scale assets, respond rapidly and more cost successfully, and thus, convey an extraordinary encounter to our clients. (Menomonee falls, 2018).

Technology Benefit

Technology like social media and cloud computing will benefit us in many ways like it is fast and easy way to communicate with each other, it is the way through which we can do online shopping and ease of access to each and everything.

Technology is a fantastically engaging power, supporting a workforce that is completely outfitted with the data and assets that will take individuals well beyond conventional and binding sets of expectations. In any case, the executives – in some structure – will consistently be a piece of the condition. Simply make certain to bid farewell to the domineering chief – perhaps the person can leave and dispatch their own cloud-based startup and gain proficiency with a couple of things end route.

Technology Solutions

Technology one: Social Computing

Social media and computing can meet the above requirements by providing increased brand awareness, it will provide better inbound traffic, it will improve the search engine traffic, it will also lead to the customer satisfaction which is the goal of company. It is a cost-effective technology and provide customers loyalty.

Technology two: Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can also meet the above requirements because it is also cost-effective technology like the social computing, and it gives a company competitive advantage in the market that is the company’s requirement. It will provide high availability. With cloud facilitating, your business is ensured against hacking, disease and inner information robbery. Cloud suppliers are required to agree to a scope of stringent security guidelines to ensure their clients’ information.

To remain focused, cloud specialist organizations need to persistently refresh their innovation to satisfy the needs of their clients. Therefore, distributed computing offers elite servers with innovation, for example, incredible CPUs and excessively quick SSD drives.


I will recommend the company that the company should go for both technologies that are social-media computing and cloud computing because Social media is providing the platform to advertise your product and that will increase your company’s customer base and the company’s ratings in the market. Another thing is cloud commuting it is also important because this will provide security to the company. So, the company can secure its data and the customers’ data.

Technology like social media and cloud computing will benefit us in many ways like it is fast and easy way to communicate with each other, it is the way through which we can do online shopping and ease of access to each and everything. These technologies will provide efficiency to the business because these are cost-effective and provide security to the company.

Basic Security Considerations

The technology we have used have certain security considerations and they will provide security to the company that are mentioned below:

Cloud security, otherwise called distributed computing security, comprises of a lot of arrangements, controls, methods and advancements that work together to ensure cloud-based frameworks, information and foundation. These safety efforts are designed to secure information, bolster administrative consistence and ensure clients’ protection just as setting verification rules for singular clients and gadgets. From validating access to sifting traffic, cloud security can be designed to the definite needs of the business.


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