Statistics Discussion

 The reason why so many of us now live long, healthy lives is due to statistical analysis of health data. What other statistical analyses have had a large impact on how we live our lives?   Your initial post should be 250 words in length You […]

NURS 440 Issues And Trends In Nursing

Click on this link to complete the DNR Interactive Case Study for this week.  Associate what you have learned in your weekly materials with what was presented in the case study. After you complete the case study, click on the “Interactive Case Study Journals” link […]


In the first half of the assignment, you will prepare for Walmart to operate in a foreign market. You will need to analyze at least two leadership models and/or styles to determine which one will be more suitable for leading employees and for responding to […]

Justification For Starting A Toastmasters At Work

Write a 3 page summary of Justification Document for starting a Toastmasters at work. APA format.  The name of the company is called in Fairfax VA. Justification for starting a Toastmasters at work. 1. Benefits of participating in Toastmaster 2. What do we need […]

NURS 440 Issues And Trends In Nursing

Discussion Prompt 1Describe one situation you have encountered where your actions were guided by the Nursing Code of Ethics. If you have never encountered such a situation, imagine a possible situation you could face in the future. Link this experience to one of the elements […]

Week 1 – Assignment 3

Week 1 – Assignment 3  Overview:  In Chapter 2 we talked about how computer crime affects forensics and you learned about the following categories:  1. Identify theft 2. Hacking systems for data 3. Cyberstalking / harassment 4. Internet fraud 5. Non-access computer crimes 6. Cyberterrorism […]

Strategic Marketing Discussion On Starbucks

Mission and Vision play a major role in the strategic planning process. Basic questions about our business need to be confirmed. The mission statement provides information about the special purpose of the firm, its opportunities, and direction. A vision looks beyond the mission to envision a […]

Advancing Team Interdependence

Advancing Team Interdependence This week provide a discussion post that explains how you can more intentionally facilitate collaborative conversations that encourage groups or teams to explore and then integrate and capitalize on their differences. This might involve how you would do this with a team […]

Social System

Analyze the reasons for curricular reform in the past. Determine your position on curriculum reform in respect to the Common Core Standards for your grade level. Provide support for your position   Analyze two ways that the democratic imperative can influence a school. Determine whether or […]

Discussion 1

Chapter 1 of the course text discussed the concepts of developing and delivering on the IT value proposition. What is IT value?  When is IT realized? You will post an initial post by Thursday at 11:59 p.m. EST, and respond to two or more peers with substantive […]