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Conduct an internet search finding a job you are interested in that posts the salary range in the ad or recruitment firms description, place URL in thread area and then comment on:

Pros and Cons to putting salary information in a job ad

  1. Employer Perspective
  2. Prospective Employee Perspective

students answer

Looking at the job posting the pros about posting the salary information is that as someone who is applying for a position, you get to have a general idea of how much you will be getting paid at the company if you were to get a job offer. On the con side, you will also start comparing salaries of similar job positions, including the one you currently have. It also takes away the focus of the actual job description. You automatically are either more or less inclined to apply to a job in which the salary is more appealing. I feel that as an employer they have an upper hand when they do not post the salary pay range because if they offer someone a job who is not aware of how much that job pays they can perhaps get away with paying someone less than what is actually deserved.