Using search engines and find two different recent articles involving data mining. Describe the role of “data mining” in the story using your own words. Please don’t repeat the use case from an organization that others in this thread have presented in their posts. Support your post with information and concepts from the class readings. Use APA-style references wherever necessary to support your discussion. You must make at least two substantive responses to your classmates’ posts. Respond to these posts in any of the following ways: · Build on something your classmate said. · Explain why and how you see things differently. · Ask a probing or clarifying question. · Share an insight from having read your classmates’ postings. · Offer and support an opinion. · Validate an idea with your own experience. · Expand on your classmates’ postings. · Ask for evidence that supports the post. Discussion Length (word count): At least 150 words References: At least one peer-reviewed, scholarly journal references. Reply Post When replying to a classmate, use 3 – 5 sentences offering your opinion on what your thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of their choices.