Please response to the following post in 4 paragraphs and cite outside sources in MLA format.

In the 1800’s women had very few legal rights. They were treated like second class citizens and expected to only extend their bubble as far as their home and family. Men were supposed to be the sole breadwinners. Women were not encouraged to get an education or try and obtain a real job. Once they were married women weren’t even allowed to own their own property. And on top of all this, they didn’t have the right to vote. So yes, women have come a long way since the 1800s like gaining the right to vote, the right to own property, and the right to join the workforce, but there is still much progress to be made and still many obstacles women must overcome. 

The word feminist is desribed by a History of Western Feminsim in… 101 Seconds as, “The movement to obtain increased legal, social, and political rights for women.” The 1960s are when women began to gain a more prominent role in society aside from housekeeping and child bearing. Some of the goals for the feminists in the 60s were, “equal pay for equal work, an end to domestic violence, curtailment of severe limits on women in managerial jobs, an end to sexual harassment, and sharing of responsibility for housework and child rearing” (Walsh). Some of these goals were achieved like sharing of responsibility for housework, but most of the others are still a struggle in our society today. 

For example, the wage gap between men and women still exists. According to Sonam Sheth, “Today, on average, a woman working full time earns 80.7 cents for every dollar a man working full time earns.” And it’s estimated that women’s wages will not be equal to men until the year 2059 according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In addition, according to Minda Zetlin, 54% of women polled reported unwanted sexual advances in the workplace. For women who have careers in mostly male industries face sexual harassment eveyday, but women don’t want the harrasment to hold them back in their careers. Because of this fear of being fired, “90% of employees who experience harassment never file a formal complaint; 75% never complain to their employers either.” Women push this issue away because they don’t want to seem weak to their male employees, but it’s time to start fighting back and ending the harassment. Women deserve to work in peace.

In conclusion women have made a lot of progress since the 1800s when they weren’t even allowed to vote. However, women deserve to be treated as equals not as second class citizens to men.