Project One – Part A & B, Business Admin & Eng Lit

Project 1 Question 1 – Answer the prospects completely, professionally and competently?

Understanding the writing processessay structure and language of literary criticism make a single comment consisting of 200 – 400 words of expectations that will include the referencing in those 200 – 400 words, each of the listed readings that complete a comment of understanding of the whole of the project by including each of the works listed below, referencing how used in the 3 listed capacities? Hint: the answer is in the definition of the scope of the project, break it down in 200 -400 relevant word content that stays on topic, professionally written non-plagiarized content?

Eng Literature of the 19th Century

WORKS, 1.      Cunningham’s Victorian Poetry 2.      Dickens’ Hard Times 3.      Greenbalt’s Norton Anthology of English Lit. Vol. E (Victorian Age) 4.      Ibsen’s A Doll’s House5.      Moran’s Victorian Literature and Culture

6.  Ashley’s Nineteenth Century British Drama

A survey of British literature written during the period extending from 1800 through 1900, with emphasis on traditional 19th century poets and prose writers and on rediscovered authors.

Briefly survey the works of writers during the 19th Century, with special attention to the concepts of Victorianism. Close readings of the more important works by major poets, critics, novelists, and dramatists will be dealt with. Attention will be paid to historical context and on how 19th Century writers influenced and were influenced by the social, political, cultural, and economic facets of their era.

· be conversant with major writers of the 19th Century period

· enjoy and to closely engage Victorian poetry, drama and prose within their historical and cultural contexts

· view the extent to which the world of literature converges and diverges with the real world

· examine the principles of thinking logically and creatively, analytically and synthetically, and abstractly and concretely, and to express such thoughts in appropriate oral and written forms

· Analyze the ways in which language and literature are related to social class, culture, ethnicity, gender, histories, race, and sexuality.

· Interpret texts from various perspectives by using close readings supported by textual evidence, and informed by critical theory.

The above Listed Readings cover Victorian poetry, prose, drama, and essays.

Project 1 Question 2 – In 5-7 paragraphs discuss the intersection between British literature and culture?

Project 1 Part B – Business Admin, Purple Project Business Plan Intro –Produce a line by line Edit of this business proposal introduction, prototype prospectus business plan document with professionally written and edited content as part of the business plan. Must remain loyal to the concept as defined and described in the original, with a professionally written polish that presents it is the best possible light in its whole totality, completely and competently?

PURPLE PROJECT Proposal: Shhh – A live-in Hosted Home Sharing Handbook & Guide

Actor focus is to attract professional writing and publishing talent to assist in the development of writing and editing an interactive handbook on the discipline of live-in hosting home sharing. Actor has a completed critical research of the social and psychological benefits of home sharing and has professional background in Real-Estate Development, Property Management, Interior Design, each proving to be valuable assets in the gateway role in the discipline of that as a professional live-in home sharing hosting specialist, sharing a comfortable living space but not a personal life with mutually compatible, respectably reciprocated behaviors while sharing living space together as temporary alternative home sharing housing partners. With 20 years plus experience actor has blended the best of both of professional and personal experiences into a concept that will promote advocate and support, collating a wide variety of necessities, resources and essentials that promote, inspire and prepare potential professional hosting specialist as to what to expect from recycling, re-inventing and restoration potential from becoming actively involved in this exciting venture.

The live-in shared home hosting porotype is intended to give major critical and insightful perception of how we live today in the non-traditional housing genre, by presenting verbal as well as non-verbal communication tools, essentials and positive sociological initiates now popular in a social community both professionally and privately, that has become less likely to participate in one on one human contact, once deemed necessary to polish, nurture and develop social skill sets. Behaviors that are now controlled by internet and digital media options.

The concept of this resource manual/ handbook on professional live-in home sharing hosting is to begin cultivating branding that will permanently establish this newly popular housing alternative as a newly modernized certified and recognized brand of discipline of professional hosting, in concert with the hospitality industry, certifying the discipline of Shared Live-in Home Hosting specialists, by introducing platforms that attract and invite memberships, with support, resources and accreditation options, in the vast field of the homemaking, home entertaining & hospitality industry. This specialized niche will extend tools that marry features such as Online training, surveys, opt-in forums sharing experiences, reviews & support for active and the curious perspective potential candidates interested in becoming live in hosting specialists.


The purposed Handbook will opening which stipulates a documented factual communal tenant/ housing history, beginning with a brief historiography introduction of early 19th century alternative housing and shelter solutions from the turn of the century, popular with the immigration community in North Eastern American cities such as New York with the influx of immigrants from foreign lands, while adapting to a new life in North America. The history of rooming houses, communal sheltering for factory workers. The psychology of comfort and convenience in the like-minded community and affordability of the most basic of human needs, shelter, security and comfort. Transitional housing is not new, it has just been redefined into the modern fabric of how we live today.

The Shared Home Hosting Handbook, consisting of 25/25 Do’s & Ooh’s Pointers, essentials & necessities is designed to successfully cultivate a successful experience for potential professional live-in hosting specialist, sharing resources and advice. “Hostpitality” specialist as a career option and their clients. Hostology is becoming the modernized discipline of live-in Shared Home Hosting agents. The concept is to create, advocate and support the concept with A beginners Handbook featuring insights by seasoned veterans’, by sharing insider’ veted information, featuring experiences and insights for beginners contemplating becoming professional shared home live-in hosting specialist.

The Author’s goal through this publication is to establish this alternative housing remedy and establish a role as an expert and foremost authority in this newly revised untitled discipline by sharing the information and resources available in user friendly communication tools by linking and unifying other likeminded professionals who have experiences to share and are also involved in professional hosting services and making their indelible marks in publishing and social media platforms on non-traditional housing initiatives of hosting home sharing alternative advising options. Actor feels dedicated as an activist who supports and seeks to unify the phenomenon of the home sharing community.

Actors’s mantra for Shhh is to promote and advocate the phenomenon of comfort and convenience as the primary focus in the now resurging popular shared housing alternative, where you share a space, not a personal life!


The author proposes a useable interactive, user friendly practical interactive handbook, in lieu of a traditional book. Approximately consisting of 100 pages with visuals, taglines, tips and strategies for enjoying the essentials, necessities, codes of behavior, tools and necessities valued in providing support and advocating the positive rewards in the live-in hosting home sharing lifestyle. Featuring easily absorbed attention grabbing content, written in plan approachable content. The handbook will contain all of the tools, essentials, resources, suggestions and insights necessary to assist those who wish to successfully enter and succeed as professional live-in home hosting specialist. The handbook initiative would offer an online tutorial and membership offer on completion of the survey.

Target Audience

Potential candidates interested in repurposing, reinventing by sharing a physical home space for the purpose of recycling the edifice of their personal space to accommodate partners in a private, not personal home sharing non-traditional temporary transitional housing option, sharing a space but not a life. Conceding that each of these situations and rationales require different approaches, this project is intended to establish the language of live-in home sharing as the discussion comes into greater focus as an option, given the socio-economic trends which are fuelinf the growth and expansion of home sharing. Not excluding this publication will serve all those associated with this movement as a valuable asset.