ASSESSMENT 1: Project 1Student Instructions
For this assessment task, you are required to identify an organisation that you can use to consider innovation drivers and your implications. This may be your practice environment or another organisation or workplace to which you have access.This project requires students to:· Research and analyse trends shaping the organisation’s current and future thinking and practice. You will need to consider:· current and past theories and thinking about innovation and creativity· global and local innovation drivers and enablers, both internal and external to the organisation· the impact of the organisation’s mission, objectives and current strategies on innovation performance· specific conditions required for innovation· issues that impact on individual and collective innovative thinking and creativity.· Evaluate the overall context for individual and collective innovative thinking and creativity within the target organisation ensuring:· potential barriers and risks to innovation· the impact of legislative frameworks, such as those relating to copyright and intellectual property· current innovation performance and opportunities for developing strategies to improve innovation.· Reflect on the leadership role that you could play to improve innovation in the target organisation. Student should consider:· their own leadership skills and leadership style and the impact these can have on fostering innovation· opportunities for enhancing students’ personal effectiveness to promote a culture of ongoing learning and development· strategies for modelling innovative thinking and practice.· Identify a number of options for improving innovation in the target organisation. These options should take account of:· strategies to respond to identified organisational barriers and risks· management techniques and tools for encouraging creative thinking and for converting creative thinking into innovation· theories, processes and practices for organisational transformation· strategies for managing the stages of change.