James D. McKeen, Heather A. Smith, IT Strategy: Issues and Practices, Third Edition. Pearson, 2015, ISBN-13


a) Review chapter 4 in the course text.

1) Discuss only one of the building block required for a strong business-IT relationship. – 250 words – APA format

b) Review chapter 6 in the course text. Based on your reading, in your own words:

1) Discuss the value proposition in investing in IT Leadership development. – 250 words – APA format

2) What do you consider are the qualities of good IT Leadership. – 250 words – APA format

c) Review chapter 7 in the course text.

1) In your own words, discuss the recommendations for creating an effective shared services. – 250 words – APA format

Answer this in separate Document.

d) ModMeters Case Study

1) Read the ModMeters Case Study on pages 104-107 in the textbook. Answer the Discussion Question at the end of the Case Study. Your responses must be complete, detailed and in APA format. – 1000 words. – APA format – Sample Assignment attached for format.

Answer this in Separate Document.

e) Video and Document attached . After watching the video about the Strategic IT Plan, submit your plan  – 1000 words – APA format