Part 1

Effective Leadership

· Leadership abilities are universally applicable. An effective leader in one industry, such as technology, can also be an effective leader in another industry, like banking. The skills of leaders are transferable, not contextual.

Do you agree or disagree with this view? Why, or why not? Justify your position based on the readings and resources in this unit, as well as your individual experiences.

Part 2

Selecting a Business Leader

Identify a successful and current business leader (CEO or president) from a Fortune Global 1000 company. Choose this individual carefully, as this selection will form the basis of assignments in this course. Post the CEO’s or president’s name and organization and why you selected him or her (a maximum of 300 words).

Part 3

Leadership Ethics and Influence

Do you believe that most leaders use influencing (power, politics, networking, and negotiation) for the good of their organization, or for their own personal benefit? What can be done to help leaders be more ethical when seeking to influence others? Make sure to provide appropriate support, both academic and logical, for your positions.