1. Explain the three general rules for analyzing medical terms. Give one example of a medical term for each rule ( Examples should be different from those use in the  PowerPoint).

2. Divide the following medical terms using slashes, then label each part and find its meaning. Finally, write the meaning of the whole term. Follow the format used in the PowerPoint for chapter 1 and the textbook (You should have all four steps completed for each term to earn full credit).

  • -Cerebral
  • -Diagnosis
  • -Iatrogenic

3. List all body cavities. Which ones are dorsal and which ones are ventral? Which cavity contains the liver? Which cavity contains the pituitary gland?

4. List all positional and directional terms that apply to the following:

  • -A torn ligament in the left knee
  • -A skin rash on the forehead