Suicide remains a taboo in society, however is a leading cause of death for a significant portion of society. It causes great pain, loss and havoc for loved ones who survive the traumatic aftermath.

  • Discuss why the suicide rate tends to be high among the elderly.
  • Discuss community support systems for those who have lost someone by suicide.
  • Describe signs of suicide.
  • What steps should be taken if you observe some of these signs in a friend?

Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your peers.  Use a minimum of one scholarly source found at the Ashford Library or Google Scholar, to critically examine the procedure that you have selected and its results.  Offer a substantial response to at least two other posts written by members of the class.  Be sure that you cite scientific evidence to support your views. A minimum of 250 -300 words should be used for each response to other posts.