Original Work, No Plagiarism, 3 paragraphs, Cite and Reference

A. Working in health care can be difficult some days.  Difficult cases, difficult patients, difficult social situations, stressful co-workers, physician teams who don’t believe in teamwork… the list is endless. 

1. After reading the (3) articles (listed below) for this week on civility please discuss briefly a situation in clinical where you saw a lack of civility. 

2. How did you handle it? How did it make you feel? 

3. What tools do you feel you need to more fully develop to be equipped to successfully manage a lack of civility? 

B. Read the articles related to intentional caring. (the links are posted below)

1. What negatively impacts us from being intentional in our nursing care? 

2. What is the benefit of intentional caring for you as the RN?

3. For your patient population (which is the elderly at a long-term nursing care facility)? 

4. What can you do now, as a soon to be graduate nurse, to develop intentional caring into your nursing practice?