Write a 15 page (minimum) research paper on a subject within the framework of Cybersecurity Infrastructure areas of interest, breaking news, technology, or other related topics. 

  • Must conform to APA form and style
  • Use one of the following fonts (Times New RomanArial, or Calibri)
  • Double Spaced
  • Size of Font either 10 or 11
  • Must have at least five valid sources from three or more sources (text books, instructor, periodicals, or websites) and no more than two from any one type of source (i.e., no more than two website sources)
  • Minimum of fifteen (15) pages
  • NOTE: Please make 15 pages “real” content – if you have glossaries, or other supporting data place these in an appendix; also, your original thoughts and work product (not previous work in other courses) is required to achieve the highest levels of success.  Abstracts, title pages, appendixes, etc., do not count for the 15 page minimal length requirement.