Write a 2 paragraph response to this post offering additional thoughts regarding the examples shared, SDLC-related issues, and ideas on how the inclusion of nurses might have impacted the example described by your colleagues. Use 2 sources 


When a healthcare organization fails to include Nurses in each stage of the SDLC from purchasing to implementation it would affect the overall effectiveness and success of an information system ‘that fits with the strategic business plan of an organization’ (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2017).  Is an information system that is currently utilized by the organization effective?  Is there another system that is better? Nurses spend the majority of their shifts documenting and because of this, often find problems within the system itself. If Nursing is shut out of each stage of the SDLC the effectiveness of the information system in meeting the organization’s goals and needs are affected (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2017).

            I document using EPIC and had no input in the selection or in the planning phase since it was already in place prior to my employment.  EPIC initially can be overwhelming.  It is pretty comprehensive but at the same time, unit specific. We had noticed that a GCS scale was placed in an easily missed portion at the bottom of our flowsheet. We contacted nursing leadership and Nursing Informatics, who agreed. The GCS scale was placed directly after our neurological assessment in our flowsheet. Most recently, informatics made a change that directly affected how we document surgical incisions. Prior to the change, documentation of the surgical incision was pretty straightforward and I thought comprehensive. The new change goes into a more detailed assessment that does not accurately represent our current charting practices. No education or input for Nurses within my unit was offered therefore each nurse documents this assessment differently. We have no way of knowing at this point if we are documenting in the manner our organization is expecting and are waiting on our nursing leadership and informatics to further address this issue.