Part one:

From the case study on the pdf attach answer the following question in one paragraph.

What is the difference in corporate culture between Dynamic and RNS?

Part 2:

For each paragraph bellow write a comment (1 to 2 sentences)

1) the difference between Dynamic and RNS is that dynamic corporate culture is all about keeping up with the times. in a dynamic corporate culture any new ideas are good ones and valued highly. in RNS sometimes change can be viewed as a bad thing. With RNS, the corporate culture has already been established. with Dynamic the culture changes and the company needs to do their best to change with the surrounding cultures of the employees.


2) I think the difference between Dynamic and RNS are mainly due to the exclusive. Dynamic’s management was accountable to the exclusive at Atlas, they use innovative high speed survey respond to fulfill their weakness in market shares compares to other company. The Dynamic culture is more about improving, employees intergating on one project. Compare to Dynamic, RNS are very decentralized, people respond for different part of a single project, have fewer interaction than Dynamic.