TestOut Routing and Switching Pro

The class is under NET 404

Username: Thomas.Esters

Password: labsim

Prior to starting the exam, if you would like to practice and/or prepare for the weekly assessment go back and take the practice exam questions within each LabSim section.

Once you begin the assessment, the clock will start and you must complete the exam. You can only complete the exam once.

Note: You cannot be logged into LabSim on any other device or web browser because it will log you out of the open exam. Once you complete the weekly assessment, take a screenshot of the results by selecting the Objectives tab to show the Domain sections and save it as a .jpg or .png file. Make sure your name and course (if displayed) is included in the screenshot.

Submit the screenshot/image file via Canvas.

Please Note:A .CSV file format version exported from the LabSim report will not be accepted.

Submission Instructions

Click the Submit Assignment link to submit your work.

When the Submit Assignment link opens, select the Upload File

To upload a file from your computer and submit as your assignment, click the Choose File

A pop-up window will appear in your browser.

Click the file title and select the Choose button to upload the file. (Depending on your browser, the button may say Open instead of Choose.)

Click the Submit Assignment button to submit your assignment.

After you have submitted your assignment, you should be able to view a confirmation that you submitted your assignment.