Issue Review

DUE 1/26/2020 @7pm EST

Must be submitted through Turnitin with submission report

Topic/Issue: Free college for everyone

Aspects for the issues of free college for everyone:

1. Guaranteed education

2. Promote fairness for everyone

3. No student loans

4. Students can pursue their interest

5. Increase in taxes

6. Unemployment after graduation

Instructions Conduct an issue review for your selected topic for your project. Present a brief report of your research on both sides of the issue. The assignment this week is to research both the pro and con sides of the issues you have chosen to address. This should include the following:

· Citation of your sources

· Links to the sources where available

· Brief description of the content of each of the sources (50 to 80 words for each source)

Your research review should address at least three (3) aspects of the issue that is the subject of your paper and must present at least one pro and one con article review on each aspect. Sources should be scholarly or of very high substantive quality.

Writing Requirements (APA format)

· Length: 1-2 pages (not including title page)

· 1-inch margins

· Double spaced

· 12-point Times New Roman font

· Title page

· References page

· Minimum of 6 scholarly sources with links to where the article is available

Example Issue Review

Issue: Legalization of Prostitution

Aspect 1: SafetyPro: Stern, S. W., (2019). Sex workers of the world unite. The American Scholar, pp. 40-54.

The author presents the case, largely though the words of sex-workers themselves, for de-criminalization and for allowing sex workers to control the conditions of their work—that is, to operate brothels themselves, choose their physicians, provide and receive benefits, and work outside brothels if they so choose – which will make them safer and less apt to be exploited.

Con: Der Spiegel Staff. (2013, May). How legalizing prostitution has failed. Der Spiegel Online. Retrieved from

Staff writers report that since de-criminalization of prostitution in Germany in 2003, exploitation and human trafficking remain significant problems. According to one German law enforcement officer, Germany is a “center for the sexual exploitation of young women from Eastern Europe, as well as a sphere of activity for organized crime groups from around the world” (Germany’s Human Trafficking Problem section)

Aspect 2: SESTA/FOSTAPro: (APA citation to article supporting SESTA legislation; brief description of content)

Con: (APA citation to article against SESTA legislation; brief description of content)

Aspect 3: EconomicsPro: (APA citation to article showing better income/standard of living after de-criminalization; brief description of content)

Con: (APA citation to article showing real economic benefit is to pimps, traffickers brief; description of content)